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Dahl-Tech is committed to seeking and implementing ways to address environmental, social, and economic concerns through our resource management initiatives.

Recycle Earth Responsible Practices

Our products are made from 100% recyclable, BPA-free resins and raw materials.

Dahl-Tech recycles over 85,000 lbs of scrap HDPE; 15,000 lbs of PET; and 5 tons of corrugated packaging and paper each year.

All internally-generated clean plastic regrind is reused in our manufacturing process.
Recycle Codes Reduce * Reuse * Recycle

We have partnered with our clients to reduce product gram weights and conserve resin while maintaining the required performance and reliability.

Our engineers, suppliers, and customers are actively pursuing additional applications for the use of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content and bio-based materials.

Innovative packaging solutions allow us to include more parts per distribution method, reuse shipping cartons, and reduce transportation costs.

Energy Savings Energy Savings

Since 2007, Dahl-Tech has lowered its energy consumption by 119.2 M Kwh.

We continue to install new and more efficient operating equipment, chillers, climate control systems, and lighting that enable us to improve processing techniques and decrease our energy usage.

By actively managing handling and logistics, we are able to significantly reduce fuel consumption related to the delivery of our materials and finished products.
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