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Useful Information - Product Guide

custom plastic bottles

• Companies survive and prosper by making intelligent decisions. Below you will find useful information to help you with your project.

After you have reviewed our products and identified your preference, you can find helpful facts in the "Features" section of this page.

We welcome your request for additional information and will gladly supply samples for your evaluation.

Once you have selected an item that fits your application, we can put your order into production and schedule your delivery. We prefer to have a two week lead time.

We do not have a minimum order requirement.

For large orders or a recurring supply of containers, please contact us to discuss your needs and delivery schedule.


Styles and Sizes

Our product line features a wide assortment of bottles in a variety of shapes and designs, as well as a broad range of volume sizes.


We fabricate our products using diverse resins to achieve the desired appearance and functionality. Resin properties will be matched to your specific application.

HDPE - High Density Polyethylene

LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene

PP - Polypropylene

CoPoly - CoPolymer

PET - Polyethylene Terephthalate


We mold our stock containers in the natural resin color. Visual characteristics can range from opaque to translucent to crystal clear.

You may also choose from a rainbow of solid colors, translucent pigments, or transparent tint. Special effects such as pearl additive or metallic resin are also available.


Plastic containers are essentially light weight and can be molded with surprisingly thin walls.

All products are molded at weights calculated to deliver optimum reliability and practicality.

If your application requires a very durable, thick-walled container, an increase in weight may be necessary. As the container weight increases, a proportional reduction in volume capacity will be experienced.

Wall Thickness

Blow molded containers can be fabricated with remarkably thin walls. Our containers are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

When wall thickness is increased to achieve added strength, the resin weight will also rise. As a result, the volume capacity of the container will be reduced.

Thread Finish

Our containers are made with the most popular thread and neck finishes. Available finish options are listed in the specifications with each product description.


To identify your brand or distinguish your product, we provide label application, pad printing, assembly, and decorating services.


We offer options and solutions to address all of your packaging needs. For protection against contamination and damage, we feature a plastic film pillow bag that is formed at press output and completely sealed from outside elements. We can place your product in our shipping boxes (or in your brand box) with a sealed plastic liner or in plastic bags. Dividers and pallets are also furnished as required. Be assured that your order will be safely packed and handled with care.


Our manufacturing facility meets or exceeds all applicable safety and regulatory standards. We are routinely inspected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and accredited third party auditors. Dahl-Tech is a FDA Certified Manufacturer of Single-Service Containers, Closures and Related Products.

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